The trickle down effect of the government shut down may end up hitting a little closer to home than you might realize.

We are about 16 days into a government shutdown which has left something like 800,000 federal employees out of work, national parks and museums closed, and if it continues to go on the more it is going to effect you directly.

With the presidents recent comments about the shutdown lasting “as long as it takes” it is possible that it could drag on for months and in turn will start impacting things in our daily lives. A lot of times when it comes to the work that goes down in congress I think a lot of us put our trust in our elected officials and don't really see how there work impacts our daily life.

Well if the shutdown continues these things will really start coming to light. It is already having a big impact on federal employees including our military but as it goes on you will see that it is affecting whole lot more that we may not realize. At this point it's already affecting the release of any new beer, wine and spirits. According to WNYT the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is in charge of approving labels for the new products and they are currently not reviewing requests.

Tax season is coming up and it's a time when a lot of people really depend on their returns to weather it's to pay off some of that holiday shopping, get ahead in 2019, or even to just treat yourself with your hard earned money. Well, if the shutdown is still on going when those W2's drop you will still be required to have your taxes done on time and if you owe you will still have to pay before April 15th. But if you are expecting a return expect to have to wait until the shutdown ends and even at that point they could still be delayed as the IRS plays catch up.

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