Too often unwritten rules get broken. Also too often nobody says a word and does nothing to fix the situation.

When it comes to toilet paper there are too many unwritten rules. We aren't talking nor really caring when it comes to whether you prefer your toilet paper feeding from the bottom or the top. Who cares right?

The biggest issue whether it be at home or more importantly at work is leaving an empty roll on the holder. This firnd is lucky camera's in the bathroom are frowned upon or we would so rip them over this. Luckily for us here at the Q in both the ladies and men's room we store rolls in excess to avoid the "Oh No" moments when there is no TP to finish up.

Either way nothing is more aggravating than going to reach for TP and having there be no squares to spare. If you use the last of it, replace it. Its kind of like coffee. Below is our weekly advice on how to avoid this crisis.

P.S. All men in this video were not harmed in the distressful environment that is the ladies room.

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