Jenn keeps saying that I have been complaining about the amount of toilet paper in our bathroom. I didn't realize that I was doing it that much until this arrived at our house. Now we are stocked up for life. Check out what Jenn bought us, just to prove her point. I have to admit that I do get mad from time to time when I go to use the bathroom and the toilet paper roll is empty and no one replaces it. I have made it known that I don't like it. Well, Jenn decided to prove a point and teach me a lesson. Now we have three enormous rolls of toilet paper and a new stand for it.

The roll is so big that when I sit on the toilet it rubs up against my legs. Who needs this much?!

Chrissy Townsquare Media
Chrissy TownSquare Media

I really don't understand why a household of three needs these huge rolls of toilet paper. Jenn says that now I have nothing to complain about. These rolls last a month and there are two more in our linen closet. I am just left shaking my head.