Vacations are a necessity in all occupations. Even radio. Like Steve Carell asked in the 40 Year Old Virgin, if you don't use it, do you lose it?

So at least for a few day's Candace is taking some of her vacation time. The topic is one that many people face across not just the Capital Region but also the country as a whole. Some employers allow you to hold onto your much valued paid time off while others give you a certain amount. If you so happen to be one who has to use all of their time by the end of 2016, use every last hour!

Now I personally am not the most outgoing person in this world. As a matter of fact I have actually never gone anywhere on vacation. I always end up sleeping until my hearts content and binge watching Netflix. To each their own right?

Candace may not be in studio but she still wanted to chime in on this edition of Free Advice Friday.

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