This may be the best summer internship that was ever created. Not only will you get paid, you will get paid to be comfy and even catch some "Z"s in bed. Here's how to become a "Snoozetern". There is a summer internship that I think we all wish could be our full-time job. According to, The Mattress Firm is searching for a paid summer intern who will be able to stay in bed all day. They are calling that special person their "Snoozetern".

They are billing it as a job that requires the Snoozetern to not only test adjustable beds for the best head and foot positions, but also test The Mattress Firm's products for activities that you do in bed. Things like binge-watching, typing, eating and reading.

Some of the requirements include hosting live Facebook events, posting on Instagram, interviewing Mattress Firm employees, video content and events. To get all of the requirements and to apply, click HERE.

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