Free Beer revealed early on the show that he accidentally put two pairs on underwear when he got dressed. How that happened, no one knows. Intern Carly revealed something much worse that she did unknowingly.


Every now and then our brains don't work correctly. It's all part of being human. Mistakes are made. We either face them, or pretend they don't exist. The guys on the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show usually face their mistakes head on.

Free Beer told everyone that he accidentally slipped on two pairs of underwear. That's something that's pretty hard to not realize. The guys chalk it up to being an exhausted new Father. Totally understandable. You can hear the entire omission below.

After that big reveal, show Intern Carly revealed a little something to Producer Steve. She told them about the time that she mistakenly put in a second tampon. She already had one in, and shoved another one up there. As a man, the physics of that baffle my mind. Check out the video.

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