Let's be honest with the exception of Monday's, you know you could always use a little extra fuel on Friday. Especially when you are trying get everything done at work so you can get into the weekend! Well, get ready to fuel up for FREE every Friday this month! According to MassLive;

The chain is offering a free cup of coffee, in any size, to customers at the brand's nearly 600 locations across the Northeast and Florida.

Which includes the Capital Region! The article said that the FREE COFFEE FRIDAY'S begin on Oct. 12th and will continue every other Friday for the rest of October (on the 19th and the 26th). However, I did call the Cumby's in Glenmont to make sure that the free caffeine was actually happening before I sounded the alarm and the woman who answered said that indeed Free Coffee Friday's were back and that they were available this Friday as well. I don't know how accurate that statement was but it couldn't hurt to ask.