First of all, I would like to explain the image. The site where we get our safe images from does not have a decent Jason image, so I had to settle for this. Anyway. Jason vs Freddy vs Michael Myers vs Leather Face vs (Insert Slasher here.) who wins? Jigsaw does not count. 


My money is on Michael Myers.

Jason and Michael Myers are very similar, they both seem to be invincible, however Michael Myers has proved to be the smarter of the two. Leather Face does not seem to be invincible or very smart at all, so he is out. The big question is, what would happen if Freddy tried to attack Michael Myers in his dreams?

It has been implied in multiple Halloween movies that Michael Myers is powered by a greater evil, supernatural energy. If Freddy invaded Michael Myers dreams, it would be Freddy's nightmare.

That is just my opinion, who do you think would win?

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