Singer/actor Justin Timberlake might be adding a new, unusual Hollywood gig to his resume, as he might possibly be playing Larry Fine in the upcoming Three Stooges movie, set to debut next year.

Timberlake has gone from teeny-bopper boy band member to slight actor to solo Hip-Hop singer. Now, as if that wasn't enough, he may have the privilege of playing in one of television history's funniest, most famous trio's ever.

Directors and brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly have asked Timberlake to play the role of the crazy, curly-haired stooge Larry Fine. They understand the importance of choosing actors that will mesh well together, as they themselves are brothers and need to work well together if they want the film to be a success.

Originally, Benicio Del Toro was to play Moe, Sean Penn to play Larry and Jim Carrey to play Curly. However, shortly after, Penn and Carrey opted out, for whatever reason. Del Toro is still up for the challenge of playing Moe, but is Timberlake ready for such a huge, opportunistic role?

Besides Timberlake, the Farrelly brothers are also considering Woody Harrelson and Larry David for the role of Larry Fine. It was also rumored that Johnny Knoxville, Hank Azaria and Andy Samberg were up for Stooge parts.

We haven't cast it yet, we haven't picked anyone," says Bobby Farrelly in an interview with the Boston Herald. "It's a little tricky, right? Because they all have to be about the same age and even around the same height. We're waiting for that first person that we're going to say, 'This is going to be our Moe, Larry or Curly' and we'll build around that. But it's going to happen soon. It will be within three weeks.

Filming is scheduled to start just next month, so everyone better get their act together and make some decisions, or else this movie could seriously crash and burn instead of doing the original Stooges absolute justice.


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