Is it okay to purchase a fully cooked compete turkey dinner in a box? It's understandable that cooking a turkey and Thanksgiving meal can be daunting, but thanks to a little thing called the internet, it's easy to find a millon ways to prepare anything.  Other than growing laziness, we can't imagine many reasons to make this sort of purchase, unless your receipt also has  cat litter and vodka on it which means you're lonelier than us. 


Many big box stores are selling a box full of a cooked dinner, including Costco. You get a turkey that is at least 14lbs, and at least three pounds each of cornbread stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes, and garlic mashed potatoes. You also get a pound and a half of turkey gravy, a pound of cranberry sauce, and three pounds of apple cobbler for desert.

You have to thaw it out - and that can take a day or so. The box promises that it'll only take two hours to warm up everything.

Would you purchase this?