Geddy Lee, lead vocalist, bassist and keyboardist for the rock group Rush, celebrates his 62nd birthday today, and I can't help but wonder if todays Tom Sawyer still makes him cry?


When I was a young American who was just starting to listen to rock, I thought that Geddy Lee was a woman, I would listen very closely to every Rush song played on the radio in attempt to determine if it were a man or a woman singing.

After I discovered that it was in fact a man singing, I asked my friends how Geddy Lee makes his voice sound like that?

This was before the internet, the only explanation was a rumor, that when Geddy Lee was younger someone stepped on his throat and damaged his vocal chords, and when his vocal chords healed, he could sing like a woman.

I believed that for a while, I still do, kind of.

I googled Geddy Lee's voice, I saw nothing about damaged vocal chords.

Regardless of how Geddy Lee is able to sing the way he does, he is a brilliant musician and although he is Canadian, I still wish him a happy birthday.



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