We all love Stewart's Shops. They just are the perfect place for anything.

I know numerous people that have moved out of the Capital Region and they all say one thing, I miss Stewart's. How could they not? Like stated above, you can get gas, top notch ice cream, a snack, lunch, dinner, and yes of course, coffee too.

In my opinion their coffee is pretty great! For the price I don't see how it can be beat. Tomorrow especially. Heading on into work early and need a pick me up? Well snag up to a 32 ounce cup of their coffee for the price of zero dollars. To clarify even farther beyond zero dollars, zero cents too. FREE!

Maybe coffee isn't exactly your thing? Hey, I get it. They do too. Hot tea also is being offered for free. Why? They are doing this for Earth Day. That's where the catch is, you need a travel mug for the deal. A lot of us have them though so no worries there, right?

Times Union has more about it here.

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