Capital Region fast food lovers, nacho sauce lovers, fry lovers, and more, get ready!  As of January 25th, Taco Bell will be offering ‘nacho fries’ on both their dollar menu and with boxes.  According to Food Beast, the new item was confirmed by Taco Bell.  The best part- you’re also going to be able to get them ‘loaded.’  I mean, you can get them while you’re loaded and have a case of the grunchies, but that’s not exactly what I mean.  By ‘loaded,’ I mean you can get them like nachos with beef, sour cream, and more toppings.  Back in my college days, one of our local music dive bars sold ‘frychos’- nachos minus the chips, fries instead.  After a night of music and drinks, ‘frychos’ hit the spot.  So I for one am excited to see this addition to the Taco Bell menu! Frankly, I can’t wait to hit a Capital Region rock show and follow it with some Taco Bell ‘Nacho Fries.’

We’ve got multiple Taco Bell’s here in the Capital Region, from Albany to Glenmont to Troy to Clifton Park.  To scout the locations, just check out the list of local Taco Bell’s on Google.  And get ready to hit that Upstate Concert Hall show and follow it with some nacho fries, or rock out at Jupiter Hall and walk upstairs in the mall for some late night Taco Bell.  Enjoy!

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