Get ready to pay more for Spectrum.

As if the cold weather doesn't bring enough bills- heating, snow tires, whatever it may be- you're now going to have to pay a little bit more.  That is, if you've got Spectrum.

According to News 10 abc, Spectrum Internet rates are going to be hiking up as soon as November 1st.  There's a couple of different rate changes, because of course Spectrum has a couple different packages.  If you've got internet with or without TV, your rates are going to be going up.  If you got internet through a promotion, well your rates will go up after the promotion period ends.  You can get more info and the new rates at News 10 abc.

Internet seems like a necessity in this day in age.  I can't imagine that it's getting more expensive- I mean, I certainly don't know the ins and outs- but it just seems like there's no reason for rates to go up.  Especially when you can just go to most local places for free WiFi.  Are you a Spectrum customer? What are your thoughts?