If this thing doesn’t win a Grammy or a VMA then there is something wrong with America. Sick rhymes, a fresh beat and a positive message? This music video has got it all!

You may have originally thought being a real man means you have to have muscles, drink beer and chop down trees but that’s no longer the case. Being a real man is following the rules to “Get Your Daddy On." Nothing says “hip hop” and “bad ass” like home made puffy paint T-shirts and bubble baths. Only suckers fan out $100 bills and flaunt their diamond encrusted chains. A real man flashes his stacks of flap jacks and wilted yellow roses like nobody’s business. This Jay Mulligan AKA “J-Mugz” has got some serious flow and production skills. I’m positive this bro has a future in the music game and might even be as successful as K-Fed some day.



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