This Father’s Day it is important to remember that not all dads are the same, so when you’re looking for a gift for dad ignore what pop culture and the media tells you because:

Not all dads like tools and not all dads are craftsmen, if you give your dad some type of tool or gift card to a hardware store you may offend your dad. He may wonder if you’re questioning his masculinity, he then may try and use those tools to fix something that does not require require fixing.

Not all dads like meat and I a sure that they go to therapy for it, especially this time of the year because all of the restaurants are advertising how dads are entitled to free meat or discount meat on Father’s Day. With all of these businesses throwing meat in those dad’s faces it must not feel like a very special day.

Not all dads like sports, they don’t want to be taken out to the ball game, they do not want peanuts or crackerjacks. They may just want to sit at home and listen to the radio, sipping lemonade while wearing a fun hat.

Not all dads are aware that they have a ‘dad bod’ so don’t mention it.

Not all dads are bros so don’t tell them that for Father’s Day you’re going to let them have ‘Bro Time’ with ‘The Bros.’

Not all dads love cars but would probably like it if they did not have to instal the carseats.

Not all dads like women.

Not all dads are ‘Dad of the year’ ‘Number 1 Dad’ or ‘Greatest Dad in the World’ there is a whole universe of coffee mugs with clever things written on them, don’t get lazy.

And in some cases not all dads like their family.

The point is, don’t just run out and buy some thoughtless gift for your dad on fathers day, listen to Q103 or Alt105.7 or The Generation X Files on iTunes or Google Play Music to help the creative juices flow and figure out that perfect personal gift for dad.

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