I guess it's not that odd for rock and rap to be combined. Though this pairing does seem interesting, to say the least.

New York native Post Malone just released a new album, "Hollywood's Bleeding."  I haven't heard the album, though I am intrigued now. Newyorkupstate.com reported that among the many guest starts on the album is Ozzy Osborne.

At first I thought, "well, that's odd." Then, I didn't. Rap and rock— makes sense.

Linkin Park did it. Run DMC and Aerosmith did it. Rage Against the Machine rocked a rap and rock sound. So Post Malone and Ozzy? That could actually fit.

On top of that, Post Malone has been big in the rock world for awhile now. Of all the rock shows I've ever hung out at backstage, there has always been a sentiment of love for Post Malone. As newyorkupstate.com also notes, he's done covers from Frank Sinatra to Nirvana as well, showing his own respect for the rock world. I do know one thing, I'm going to be sure to take a listen and see what it sounds like for myself!

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