Spring is here and it's time to get outdoors, hike the trails, walk the dog and climb trees! Yes, climbing trees should be added to your "to do" list in 2023 and there is one place in Central New York that makes it easy to do, no matter how old you are or how old you feel.

Let's explore the 6-story treehouse known as TreeTops Treehouse in Ithaca, New York.

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Located within the Cauyuga Nature Center, 1420 Taughannock Boulevard in Ithaca, you will find the TreeTops Treehouse open daily from 10am - 5pm. Just a couple of hours from Albany or Buffalo and only an hour from Syracuse.

According to the Paleontological Research Institution, the TreeTops Treehouse is a great place to watch the birds while exploring the 50-foot high, 6-story treehouse. This structure was built by the Ithaca High School Class of 2000.

YouTube.com- Paleontological Research Institute
Paleontological Research Institute

Each floor of the TreeTop Treehouse replicates the layers of the forest from the ground level to the top. Treehouse By Design reveal that, yes this looks like a treehouse but, this structure is actually an open walled steel framed building decorated to appear like a treehouse. Pretty cool either way.

The Willow New York Tree House

Just outside Woodstock, New York in the Ulster County Hamlet of Willow lies an amazing treasure of a house designed by Antony Gibbon and built by William Johnsson. The Tree House is an unbelievable vision that came to life and now you can book it for a weekend or even a week. Come vacation like a bird in the forest in the Catskills.

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