The New York Giants continue to silence critics as they went into Lambeau Field and beat the 15-1 Green Bay Packers 37-20 and advance to the NFC Championship.


It was a big win for the G-Men on Sunday night.  They proved once again that they are a team that is incredibly dangerous on the road.  Big Blue went into "Title Town" and shook the Green Bay Packers to their core.  They took a 15-1 team and made them look like a mediocre team that snuck into the playoffs at the last minute.  So no repeat for the Packers, but the Giants now have a chance to do big things.

After watching that game I couldn't believe how bad the Packers were.  As good as the Giants played, we also have to keep in mind that the Packers beat themselves pretty good too.  Dropped passes, fumbles and more botched opportunities were a big factor in the Giants win.

The Giants defense did get some really good pressure on Aaron Rodgers.  He was sacked four times and knocked down five times as the Packers failed to protect their QB.  Rodgers usually gets help from Jermicheal Finley, but yesterday he dropped some big passes for Green Bay.  So where the Packers lacked, the Giants soared.  Eli Manning threw for 330 yards and three TD's.  Though he had just 22 rush yards, Brandon Jacobs put the nail in the Packers coffin with a 14 yard run with just over 2 minutes left to play.

Now the Giants will meet up with the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC championship next week in San Francisco.  This should be an interesting match up for sure.  As an Eagle fan I really, really want to root against the New Jersey Giants, but they look so good right now it's very hard to pick against them.

As far as the AFC goes.  Baltimore will be seeing New England in the championship, which was my original pick.  I had picked The Ravens to win the AFC, but after looking at how well Brady and company played on Saturday night I am very nervous for my pick.  So far these NFL playoffs have been very exciting, must watch TV.

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