Recently unemployed Peyton Hillis, who's career might have been over if not for a call from the New York Giants, eased back his way back into football last night. Hillis didn't make a huge impact for the Giants, but did help the team win by contributing  81 over all yards and a touchdown. While his 36 rushing yards on 18 carries was subpar, Hillis's provided a different dynamic in the passing game.

At 6'2'' 250 lbs., Peyton is one inch, 6 pounds smaller than the Giants first string tight end. Making Hillis perfectly capable of blocking or leaking out into the flat for Eli Manning. And because of this Hillis played a vital role in the Giants first win of the season.

Signed to the team just last Wednesday, asked Hillis if he had a good grasp for this offense:

A lot of things you just did on the move.  Sometimes it worked out.  There’s a couple plays out there where if I’d caught the ball, it could have been a long way running for me.  We got the win, that’s the important thing, and I know from week to week, I’ll get better.


It will be interesting to see what Peyton's role will be as the season goes on. Brandon Jacobs could be back as soon as next week, after recovering from a hamstring injury. This clearly will have impact on the number of carries Hillis will get.

Peyton did express uncertainty about his ability to perform after his time away from football.

Going in tonight, my legs felt a lot like jello.  I can sense myself going out there and making cuts and falling on my face, but I didn’t.  I’m happy about that, too.