Lights, Camera, Congestion! Gilded Age 'Alternative Parking' Announced by Producers of The Gilded Age

It's shaping up to be an exciting - albeit somewhat inconvenient for area residents - week throughout various neighborhoods in Albany's center square as the magic of Hollywood settles into Upstate, New York.

Street signs have gone up, barricades and cones have been placed, and producers and set designers for HBO's "The Gilded Age" have started to put the finishing touches on many homes in and around Washington Park.

As HBO staff works to transform the area around the 150-year-old, 89-acre park into something that looks and feels like 19th-century New York City, in the heart of the park, you could see dozens of old carriages, covered up to keep them sheltered from the weekend rain.

And "weather permitting", they plan on starting to shoot scenes on Monday and Tuesday - and possibly later into the week if needed.

It's exciting to have HBO crews in Albany to film parts of 'The Gilded Age 2', but with it comes a whole slew of road closures in and around Washington Park, and in a memo sent out to Albany residents on August 6th, plans for the "alternative parking area" were laid out.

It was noted in the memo to residents that on filming days, "parking assistants" will help visitors make their way around the city while assisting residents with alternative parking areas.

The main alternative parking area, according to the latest notice, is the  Albany Thurlow Terrace Parking Lot on Western Ave, between Englewood and Thurlow Terrace in Albany.

Photo: Google Maps
Alternative resident parking near Washington Park in Albany during the filming of the Gilded Age will be on Western Ave at the corners of Thurlow and Englewood

Notice sent out to Albany residents regarding parking ahead of week-long filming near Washington Park

Photo: Brian Cody TSM
Notice sent out to Albany residents regarding parking ahead of week-long filming near Washington Park

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