A sale of the the Albany business and the building it occupies has been made and Ginger Man is now set for its final few days.

Ginger Man is a favorite for many just by viewing their Facebook page. It is an establishment that I have never been but their reviews look to be through the roof. Also have a couple thousand likes to boot. On top of that their food looks pretty bangin' as well. So what happened here? Why is it being sold?

That is a question I wish I could answer you. All the particulars that the Times Union has are about the future restaurant to call that building home. The owners of Crave bought the business and plan to open a southern themed restaurant in October called Cukoo's Nest.

If you wish to go out to Ginger Man once last time. Make sure you do it soon as the date they have set as the final day in business is Saturday, September 16th.