According to a post by News 10 abc, the time of year is upon us to be hounded with Girl Scout cookie sales.  Now, these cookies are delicious, nostalgic, and addictive (in my opinion...somehow I eat one and the whole box is gone).    From ‘Thin Mints’ to ‘Samoas,’ there seems to never be enough of these cookies in a box.  My only downside about Girl Scout cookie season: getting hounded in the work place.  I used to work in a location with a LOT of parents of Girl Scouts.  It seemed that at every turn I was faced with an order form, in every break room I would find forms tacked on the board, and any run in with a coworker would turn in to “can you buy some cookies for my daughter?”  I would inevitably feel way too badly to say no, or indirectly feel as if I was  favoring a coworker when I’d buy from one and not the other, and then just spend way more money than I wanted too buying them all. All I really wanted to do was just clock in, go through the day, and get home!!!

Order form bombardment aside, I love these cookies and am excited for the cookie season to start again. From ‘Thin Mints,’ ‘Tagalongs,’ ‘Samoas,’ and more (check out all the flavors here), I am fully ready to stuff my face with cookies.  Oh- and if you don’t want cookies, and don’t want to have your work day crashed with order forms, nominate your work place to be crashed through the Q103 Work Day Distraction instead here!