This story is so unimaginable that every aspect of it is almost hard to believe.

Imagine you are driving down the road to pick up stuff for dinner at the store and all of a sudden you see $20, $50, and $100 dollar bills hitting your windshield. What would you do? Pull over and pick that cash up right!?! Then comes the real test of character. Once you have collected the cash and have discovered that it totals over $8,000 what do you do with it? Do you keep it or turn it in?

I'm not here to judge your moral compass but I am here to tell you that this exact scenario happened recently to a woman on her way to Hannaford in Gloversville and I imagine her decision to turn the cash into the authorities really brought some relief to a woman who had just gone through a horrific tragedy.

You see, as the woman walked into the Fulton County Sheriff's Office to turn in the money the woman who lost the money was there filing a report on the missing cash. Turns out the woman who had lost the cash was the widow of one of the victims of the Schoharie limo crash. The woman was supposed to be in the limo that day too but wasn't feeling well so she stayed home. While that decision spared her life it didn't save from unimaginable tragedy when she lost not only her husband but her brother and sister in law too. The money that was flying all over the road well, that cash was going to pay off a cruise trip that was supposed to be a joint honeymoon trip for the four of them.

According to News 10 the woman had put the money on top of her car as she buckled her niece into her car seat before leaving to pay off the cruise and must have left it on top as she drove off.

After reading the crazy backstory to what could have seemed as some good fortune coming your way does your answer change when I ask you again, if you found $8,000 floating in the air and on the side of the road what would you do? Would you keep it or turn it in?

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