New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is looking to make this a reality come Labor Day this year.

The main reason this may become a reality or at least why Cuomo thinks it should has everything to do with the crime rate. Even beyond that with the number of people who call our prisons home. Each according to the Governor are dropping numbers. This seems to be nothing new to his agenda. In the past several years since he took office, numerous prisons have closed their doors according to NYUP. At the moment, it has not been made clear which prisons are to close.

Like anything political everyone has an opinion. Each thing will also have its pro's and it's cons. This is an act that does also. Many people who actually earn their living in the state's prisons and correctional facilities are opposed to this.

Read those opinions and more on Governor Cuomo wanting to close three state prisons from NYUP here.


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