In Monday's coronavirus update by Governor Cuomo, he proposed the idea of hazard pay or a bonus for frontline workers that are essential during the pandemic.

He's calling for Congress to include a 50% hazard pay bonus for employees that are considered essential. Obviously, you immediately think of doctors, nurses, all healthcare workers, police and fire employees. Cuomo also specifically mentioned grocery store clerks, transit workers, teachers, and others that you might not immediately think of as a frontline worker.

According to the article in The New York Daily News, Governor Cuomo had this to say, “Thanks is nice, but recognition of their efforts and their sacrifice is appropriate. They’re the ones that are carrying us through this crisis, and this crisis is not over."

What do you think, should frontline workers get a hazard pay bonus for helping keep the countries essential functions open during the coronavirus pandemic? I think it's a great idea. These frontline workers are really risking a lot every day. Most of them are interacting with the public with little or no protective equipment. Without them, food, healthcare, COVID-19 testing, transportation, communication, and education wouldn't be available.

Hopefully, this will be something congress considers in their next stimulus package.

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