Governor Cuomo has proposed banning mugshots as well as arrest information from public release.

As of now, mugshots and arrest information are released publicly.  According to a report by the Times Union, Governor Cuomo has proposed banning this in his 2020 executive budget.  The release of information would be seen as an invasion of privacy, and the reason for this proposal seems to be surrounding protection of rights in a technological age.  The report notes that the intent of the proposal is to decrease or stop unethical practices that ‘extort’ formerly incarcerated individuals.

Now, what does this mean?  Well, according to the Times Union, there are websites that post mugshots, and charge a lot of money to have them taken down. That’s the extortion being referred to.  Also, there’s concern about how arrest information being immediately released publicly can effect someone’s personal life- finances, work, etc.  However, there’s also a lot of people against this, who want the information public.  Your thoughts?