Love hearing that all across the state graduation rates are up, an not only to see the tide pod craze go away. One city in the area is actually dropping though.

Overall over 80% of students are receiving their diplomas and walking across the stage statewide. That is up from last years rate of 79.7. A lot of area schools aren't moving the needle too much and their number is staying the same. Some are dropping off a little bit and some are just flat out exceeding. Like Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake which had a very small number of their seniors not graduate.

One city school district though is below 60%. Schenectady is seeing 59% of its students actually graduate down 6% from the prior year. This is in a district that for all intensive purposes had been improving year after year and had a ten year high for graduation rates last year.

The superintendent had this to say,

"I think it's unsurprising that when you cut all of those services kids don't do as well." -LARRY SPRING (DAILY GAZETTE)