Sometimes when a guitar just isn't good enough you have to incorporate another instrument that really drives the point home. Most of the time it's just a driving intro to a song where the keyboard is prominent, but sometimes it likes to stick around through the entire thing. Whether it's a electric keyboard, piano or synthesizer sometimes a keyboard makes a song even more memorable. So lets recognize the instrument that gets a bad rep most of the time.

  • 15

    Night Ranger - Sister Christian

    Who among us doesn't sing along once we get to the chorus of this one? One of the best piano rock songs of the 80's.

  • 14

    Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida

    A 17 minute long song, and pretty much the only thing that this band did. I mean it's that 70's psychedelic rock at it's best. i wonder if it was set up to get you all the way through an acid trip?

  • 13

    Toto - Hold The Line

    Apparently in the 80's you couldn't do a rock song without a slamming keyboard intro. Toto does it perfectly in "Hold The Line", which despite my metal head ways will always be one of my favorite tunes.

  • 12

    Bon Jovi - Runaway

    Bon Jovi probably has one of the most recognizable keyboard players in rock music with David Bryan. Can you imagine this one without the keys? No way.

  • 11

    Ozzy - Mr. Crowley

    It's that crazy intro that totally makes this song. I have no idea what they were thinking when they said he lets add this keyboard insanity to the beginning, but I'm glad that they did.

  • 10

    Rush - Tom Sawyer

    Right from the beginning that synth comes in and sticks around for most of the song. It's one of my favorite Rush tunes of all time, and I think the keyboard has a lot to do with it.

  • 9

    Yes - Roundabout

    The great work of keyboardist Rick Wakeman. He is a great rock keyboard player, but he should have just stuck with that and stayed away from the rock orchestra stuff.

  • 8

    Journey - Separate Ways

    The song on it's own is a great Journey tune that fans love, but it's the video that really makes it. A great keyboard song accompanied by an overly intense keyboard player in the video makes it extra good.

  • 7

    Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home

    Is there an instrument that Tommy Lee can't play? It's even better when he plays the grand piano live in concert, though most of the time they just break out the keyboard. One of the Crue's best.

  • 6

    Styx - Come Sail Away

    You are a liar if you say you aren't doing a little air piano during this one. Not sure if anyone did light piano rock better than Styx.

  • 5

    Dio - Rainbow In The Dark

    Probably the best heavy metal tune to prominently feature the keyboard throughout. Ronnie James Dio knocks it out of the park with his amazing vocals, but is a ballsy guy with the keyboards on the track. Awesome.

  • 4

    Van Halen - Jump

    If you told me that I was going to love a song where Eddie Van Halen ditches the guitar most of the time for a keyboard I would probably slap your mouth. Then we have "Jump", and I would have to apologize because it rocks.

  • 3

    Europe - The Final Countdown

    One of the greatest keyboard intros of all time. It seems to go on forever, and continues to get us excited about whats to come, which is apparently a trip into outer space because the Earth is going to end. Yikes.

  • 2

    The Doors - Touch me

    How could we no include the great Ray Manzarek on this list? his rock keyboard influence is still felt today. I don't think it's displayed better than on 'Touch Me", just a beautiful song in general.

  • 1

    The Who - Baba O'Riley

    Hands down the greatest keyboard rock song. I guess that's just my opinion, but I think it will be hard to argue with it. Some of the Who's and Pete Townshend's best work.

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