I might be completely desensitized by movies, video games and the internet but watching this insane car chase in Colorado I have no idea if it is real or not. As crazy as this may look sources are saying this police chase is 100% real.

Not just one but two car jackings, a high speed car chase, several accidents and then a final show down on foot. This video has it all. If I can continue to dismiss that this is something happening to real people than I can continue to enjoy it.

Two big things about this video.

#1: how about the poor folks who hit the spike strips at the [00:47] marker?

#2: don’t take off your shirt and then lay down face first in the snow. That’s like the 30th bad decision this dude has made.

PS: does running ever work? Like since the invention of the helicopter has anyone anywhere ever gotten away? That’s an honest question.