Celebrity chef Guy Fieri of the Food Network does a good job of making us hungry, but we have never wanted to dress like him.  If you do, now you have a chance.


If Guy Fieri wants to give us cooking advice, or cook for us, then we are totally game.  He makes some of the most delicious food we have ever seen come across our television.  He's not exactly what we would call fashion savvy though.  Generally bowling shirts, flip flops and board shorts aren't our style, but it seems to work for him.

Guy is usually covered in all kinds of gaudy jewelry too, and now you can be covered in that same jewelry.  He has a line of jewelry out from Room 101 that you can buy if you want to look like a complete tool.  Not sure it's covered in stars, but it just seems cheap- but hey, if that's your thing than by all means go 'full throttle' and pick it up.  We'll stick with our current style, which is wrist watch.