Freddy Mercury has one of the most unique voices in rock music.  When he passed away in the early 90's the rest of the guys in the band hung it up, but later would team up with Paul Rogers.  Now this guys, Marc Martel, could front the band.  In this video he posted, he sounds just like Freddy Mercury.

The reason why Marc posted this video in the first place was because Queen drummer Roger Taylor was giving singers a chance to "be a rock star" in honor of the bands 40th anniversary.  It's almost scary at how much he sounds like the late singer.  If you close your eyes you would swear that it's actually Freddy Mercury. He posted the video on the site Hypervocal, and after his post went viral they posted a comment that said pretty much that the contest was over.

Marc happens to be the lead singer of a band called Downhere and this isn't the first time he has channeled Freddy Mercury.  I also found this other video of him performing the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" live in it's entirety.   Even if this guy doesn't sing with Queen, they could go out as the greatest Queen cover band of all time.