So I binge on challenge videos on YouTube a lot, I figured they can't be that hard right? Wrong.

Call me a wimp all you want but habanero's are one of the hottest things I have ever eaten. This certainly beats the first time I ate one. A former coworker fooled me into thinking it was a sweet pepper. Joke was on me then, I suppose it is still on me huh? The whole point to this video and the series as a whole is to get some suggestions from you. This whole series is for your entertainment. Don't like what you see, suggest an idea and we will gladly accept your challenge. Of course it cannot kill us.

Habaneros come in at 100,000 scoville's which in the grand scheme of things isn't all that hot it is still enough to provide some intense heat for a matter of minutes. Our reaction to the little beast of a pepper is below. I think I lost as far as the challenge goes, you be the judge by watching episode one of Q or Dare!!