“There’s a lot of wall language going on in America” says Rob Halford of Judas Priest, while he called into Q103.  As Halford put it, walls divide people, and create a "barrier of silence."

Music though? Well, music is about communication.  It breaks through walls.  Metal Maniacs come together, maybe have some drinks before a show, and do they talk about things aside from rock? Sure.  But despite that, heavy metal brings us together to break through the hate, the intolerance, and the prejudice.  “This is the glorious thing about the life of being a Metal Maniac" says Halford.

Halford called into Q103 for an interview ahead of the May 18th and 19th Judas Priest shows at the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY, talking about a range of topics from the live show itself to the possibility of new Priest material.

“It’s going to be wonderful to come back to Albany” says Halford, teasing that “we're going to have a blast, we're bringing the Firepower.”  And from what it sounds like, the band will be changing up the set list, for “a spin on the edge” of a celebration of 50 years of Judas Priest.

You could possibly catch a song brought back to the set for the first time in quite a long time, as well as a mix of songs old and new.  On top of that, Halford mentioned the possibility of seeing some never-before-played songs live on this leg of the tour.

As for the live show in general? “It’s an event now with Priest” says Halford.

With what Halford discusses as a responsibility to the fans, Priest has a goal of sharing the gospel of metal, and giving the fans an amazing live show.  Does that include some anxiety and nerves still back stage? According to Halford, yes.  As for the future of Judas Priest?  Well, Halford did mention that he was just hanging out with Glenn talking about future Priest Goals.  Take a listen to the full interview!

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