Last week things got bad for Hank Williams Jr when he didn't choose his words as carefully as he should have.  So he did what he did best and went in to write a bad ass country rock song to stick it to the man.


I grew up in the Helderberg Mountains in a little town called Westerlo, NY.    So whether I like it or not, country music runs through my veins.  I have always liked Hank Williams Jr's music, but I don't know about this new song.  It's called "Keep the Change" and it bashes both ESPN and FOX News, particularly the show he was on where he put his foot in his mouth  FOX and Friends.

Now lets be clear, Hank never compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler, but it sounded like it did and he didn't do anything to clear that up. He thinks his freedom of speech was violated, but it wasn't.  You can say whatever you want, you just have to be prepared for the storm that comes along with it.  He just made it worse and now he has a new song.  Let's not get into politics and instead get into how bad this song is.  Musically it sounds like a Hank Jr song, but lyrically it sounds rushed and just plain bad.  You be the judge though.

I hope Hank just keeps doing what he does best and that's playing kick ass country rock like "Family Tradition", "All my Rowdy Friends", "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound" and of course "A Country Boy Can Survive".  This song will probably do well for him though, despite it's terrible lyrics.  This all could have been avoided if he had just said, "I didn't mean how that sounded, I'm sorry".

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