Almost every night I am putting up a question on our Facebook. Quite often of late many answers have been that of "Poets of The Fall". Have we been hacked or is this the next breakout band?

Now in reality, breakout band would be the wrong wording. It seems as if this Finnish band has quite a bit of success in Europe. However it doesn't change the fact I have never heard of them. Back to the have we been raided part. So I put up a question of "Whats your all time favorite song", a lot of answers were Poets of The Fall. Not raided you say, here is some more info.

I look at the profiles of the people who commented this, just to see are these people from the Capital Region or surrounding areas? The answer in every case has been NO. Combine that with the fact that Poets of The Fall are a band not many have heard of, I did a poll around the office. Are the people commenting actually people, are they robots? Are they plants from the band? I have a lot of questions but no answers.

A question for you, have you heard of Poets of The Fall?

On a side note, the music done by the band, not all that bad. Certainly worth a listen.