Being a new pool owner, there are a lot of things I have learned rather quickly. Now the New York Department of Environmental Conservation wants New York pool owners to be aware of a very damaging beetle that you may see swimming in your pool.

What Beetle Should You Be Looking For?

It's called the Asian Longhorned Beetle and it could be in your pool this summer. The NYDEC wants you to keep your eyes open for this invasive beetle that appears during late July and until early September. The beetle tends to come out from their host trees in August and make an appearance in swimming pools. They may appear in your pool's filter.

What Does the Asian Longhorned Beetle Do to the Environment?

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website, the Asian Longhorned Beetle can be very invasive. They attack maple trees and could seriously damage them. They dig holes in the trees and lay eggs on the outer bark. You can tell they have infested the trees because there will be sap oozing from the exit holes. Also, if you see sawdust that collects at the base of the tree or on its branches, chances are the beetle has burrowed into the tree.


What Do You Do If You Find the Asian Longhorned Beetle?

New York state pool owners are urged to be part of the DEC's annual Asian Longhorned Beetle Swimming Pool Survey. This will help locate infestations of this beetle before they cause major damage to the state's trees. All that is required is that pool owners check filters for the insects that look like the Asian Longhorned Beetles and then email their pictures to

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