A poorly planned and executed 'prank' by a child resulted in scaring an entire community thankfully no one was actually at risk.

You may have saw several reports of a child in Hoosick Falls biting into a Mounds bar they had received trick or treating on Halloween to find a needle inside the candy. The report resulted in a warning to parents all across the Capital Region to check their children's candy to avoid injury or worse in case this wasn't an isolated instant.

It's the type of thing you always hear warnings about but never actually happen and when it did it was shock and a scare to everyone. Naturally everyone wanted to make sure that such a situation didn't happen to another child. So the Hoosick Falls Police Department opened an investigation into the incident.

After interviewing the family and the child the PD discovered that the whole incident was a hoax. Apparently, the child thought it would be funny to prank it's father by telling him he bit into the candy bar and found a sowing needle in it. When in fact he didn't. Only once the child saw the reaction of it's parents things spiraled out of control and failed to give them the punch line.

Fortunately no one was injured and hopefully the child has learned a valuable lesson about not telling the truth and the damage it could cause.

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