It's a massive celebration, probably the largest of the year in and around the Capital Region. Tens of thousands come to the Empire State Plaza every 4th of July (with the exception of 2020) for fantastic food, music and fireworks.

Paul Gallo (Red White and Blue Fireworks) - CC BY 2.0
Paul Gallo (Red White and Blue Fireworks) - CC BY 2.0

Musically, this year will be incredibly special for me. Starship featuring Mickey Thomas will be headlining the big event. I'm a fan of the entire history of the this band - from 'White Rabbit' to 'We Built This City'. With Mickey Thomas at the helm, Albany will get all different eras of the band.

Promotional Portrait Of Jefferson Starship
Jefferson Starship in the 1970's/Getty Images

And just to be clear, yes, I love 'We Built This City'. Growing up in the 80's I remember roller skating to it at Starburst in Clifton Park.

The plethora of hits this band has is almost never ending. Not to mention, Mickey Thomas is one of the few singers that can still sing in the same key he did in the 70's and 80's. Proof? Here's Starship from the summer of 2013 at Albany's Alive at 5 hitting all the high notes in 'Jane'.

Just last year they played the New York State Fair when it returned to Syracuse.

And don't forget, Mickey was lead vocals on Elvin Bishop's 'Fooled Around and Fell in Love'.

This is going to be a great party, especially since we're all anxious to get out and do some post-pandemic celebrations. The three decades of hits from Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship will provide an incredible soundtrack for Albany on Independence Day.

I know where I'll be on the 4th for 2022.

Photo of “Red White and Blue Fireworks” by Paul Gallo // CC BY 2.0 (No Changes Made)

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