People totally take snacking to a dangerous level in this country.  It was a major downfall for me for a while, but snacking healthy doesn't have to be boring.


Face it, we're all human.  What does that mean exactly?  We make mistakes.  You can eat good all day long, but it's that late night snacking that is usually what comes back to bite you.  Now it all depends on what you eat, and according to an article I read, your body still needs fuel, let's just make sure it's the right fuel.

One of my personal favorite in between meal snacks is humus and pita chips.  It is a delicious alternative to chips and dip, and lets be honest. Humus is awesome.  Don't like chickpeas?  Get over it, because the combinations of flavors in the humus make you totally forget that you are eating a healthy snack to begin with.  Don't over indulge though, obviously.

Fruit is also a good snack, particularly if you have a sweet tooth.  One of the best are some nice fresh red grapes.  I don't do Weight Watchers, but I have been told that you eat a billion of those puppies and it hardly does anything to your points.  Score!

So just remember, it's a moderation thing.  Like Mom always use to say, eat with your stomach, not with your eyes.

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