Heating bills during the winter months can be a real budget buster, but this year's winter might be a little kinder to your wallet than in years past.

According to articles in The TImes Union and The Buffalo News  heating fuel costs are lower than they were last year.

"National Fuel predicts that its average customer will pay $511 to heat their home from November to March. That's down from $599 last winter, when temperatures were nearly 3% colder than normal and natural gas prices were higher."

Of course none of this is guaranteed. If there is a serious cold snap this winter than this prediction goes right out the window....along with more of your cash to heat your home.

So what's keeping these prices low? Most people heat their homes with Natural Gas and there is a huge over production of natural gas and that's keeping the prices low.

So, this winter don't feel bad if you bump the thermostat up a couple degrees.