Allergies have plagued me for two weeks now, my nose is runny, my throat is scratchy, my shoulders ache and my temperature goes up on a daily basis.


The changing of the seasons effects us all and yet I have never been effected like this before and Autumn used to be my favorite season because of the foliage, now I think that the foliage is trying to kill me.

I recently discovered that I no longer own any pants, ether that or my pants have been lost in the move to Clifton Park from Latham. I am still wearing shorts but it's ok because it's only really cold at 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM, but I am not complaining because like I've said before, real men don't get cold they just chill.

Because I have been sick, unpacking has been kind of slow, my wife found my pants last week and discovered that they had holes in the crotch, I said that the holes add character then she threw them away, I don't think that she appreciated their character.

It's ok that I do not have pants and have to keep on wearing my shorts because I get to show off my killer calves.

I don't think that my home remedy is very effective anymore, my home remedy is: A Molson before my nap and a Molson before bed, (I know it's Canadian beer and I call myself Dan America, don't judge me or I will cough on you,) aspirin, pizza because ever since we moved to Clifton Park my wife has to try every pizza place in the area, and chocolate milk.

I get some rest while watching plenty of Halloween themed movies and WWE Network.

I need to find a cure, so that I can enjoy living in Clifton Park where people take the speed limit very seriously.


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