Every Wednesday night from 7p-9p, Q103 hosts a trivia night at Dublins, 121 4th street in Troy.  Answer questions about sports, music, entertainment anything pop culture and win concert tickets, gift certificates, appetizers and more.   Read on to get a peek at some questions to help your team win.


Rob Dawes hosts 3 rounds of trivia.  Mama Tease Stephanie and Sporty Tease Heather are the two Q-Tease your team will be playing against.  It's been a LONG time since Heather has played trivia for us, she might be a bit rusty - but she knows her sports trivia so be prepared.

It should be a nice night for trivia, so bring your team and enjoy the great atmosphere of Dublins playing trivia, winning prizes and looking at hot girls.
Dublins menu is the usual bar menu - however everything is cooked to order and tastes great.   Behind the bar, Stephanie (not our Q-Tease) will serve up any type of drink to wet your whistle.   Basically there is NO reason to not have a good time Wednesday night and I got some questions to help your team gather some points.

Question #1

What country can an Afghani escape to on the Khyber Pass?

Answer:  Pakistan  - You think Osama used that pass and collected $200?
Question #2

Whose 1991 autobiography was called "And The Beat Goes On"?

Answer:  Sonny Bono  - Have you seen Chasity lately?

Question #3

What powers the sun?

Answer:  Fusion, the same as a hydrogen bomb - its not rocket science here.
Question #4

What animal's tongue is twice the length of its body?

The Chameleon

There you go.. be prepared for current events, sports and lots of bonus questions too.

Dublins located at 121 4th street in Troy right near I love NY Pizza and across the street from the Troy Tavern.

Have fun and tell Rob to stay away from the blow.


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