Doing some quick research for friends I see that you are going to pay at least $100 a night for a decent hotel room in the Capital Region. After doing more digging I started to explore Airbnb and found some nice places, with good ratings and possibly more affordable options.

If you have family or friends planning a visit, and you'd prefer they sleep elsewhere, here are some of the best places I found around Albany. These are my Top 5, nicely affordable, Airbnb's in Albany.

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There are several accommodations to choose from in the Capital Region. For the Top 5 Nicely Affordable Airbnb's in Albany I found cabins, history and sex swings. Something for everyone for under $100 a night.

Top 5 - Nicely Affordable Airbnb's in Albany

Albany Airbnb with fireplace for under $100 a night.

One of a Kind Airbnb in Hudson Valley

"Architectural Wonder in the Woods"

Live In a New York Firehouse

See inside this 1900 firehouse turned into a house

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