Ahh New York State, land that we love. We love it here for all of it's greatness and all of it's quirks. On the great side of attractions we have all the hiking, biking, hunting and fishing you could want. We also have the arts, concerts and great restaurants. On the quirky side of things, well, that takes some explaining.

Try to tell friends and family from another state that you went to The Egg for a show and they will think you have lost your mind. Forget explaining what a SPAC is. Here are 25 things that the people of Albany have to explain to out-of-staters.

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I am confident that many people can tell you things that they know about Manhattan but I can promise you they know very little about the Capital Region. Then when you mention a town such as Coxsackie you will see the confusion set in on their faces.

I am sure there are more than 25 things that people from Albany need to explain to out-of-staters but this is a good start. Take a look through the list and see how many you have had to explain over the years.

25 Things People from Albany Have to Explain to Out of Staters

Sure the people, places and things around Albany and the Capital Region makes perfect sense to those of us that live here. To the people that live in Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut we have some explaining to do. Here are 25 things that residents of the Capital Region have to explain to those that live out of state.

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