There are plenty of ways to help out local puppies on National Puppy Day! 

Credit: Becca Daly, Susquehanna Animal Shelter

In the Capital Region, we have more than 10 sizable animal humane organizations -- all of which need a lot of help. Here are some things you can do to help out your local humane societies AND puppies on National Puppy Day:

  • Credit: Becca Daly, Susquehanna Animal Shelter

    Donate to Your Local Shelter

    Shelters around the area, especially non-for-profits, are in constant need of supplies -- from dog food, to collars, cleaning supplies, toys, leashes, and more. If you can't get to the store, monetary donations are also greatly appreciated.

  • Credit: Becca Daly, Susquehanna Animal Shelter

    Adopt a Pet

    What better way to celebrate National Puppy Day?! Many Capital Region shelters house an overabundance of animals year-round, but especially in the Springtime. The puppies need us now more than ever!

  • Credit: Becca Daly, Susquehanna Animal Shelter

    Foster an Animal

    If you're not quite ready to adopt, fostering is the next best thing. When puppies are too young to be adopted, they need special care and attention. I fostered kittens growing up, and it taught me so much about how to care for another living thing -- it's just a really rewarding thing to get involved with. Imagine getting to see these tiny fur balls grow into individuals with big personalities and hilarious quirks!