A boy, a boombox, and summer love.  I'm talking about that classic movie scene where John Cusack stands with a silver boombox held high overhead, while his long brown coat drapes, and movie history was made forever.  Even people I know who HAVEN'T seen the movie classic "Say Anything" know the scene.  The movie itself- well, it's a classic.  Written and directed by Cameron Crowe and starring John Cusack, this movie is a fan favorite.  And now, John Cusack is coming to New York to screen the movie and do a question-and-answer session with the audience.  I found out about this through Newyorkupstate.com and I literally felt like a kid again from sheer excitement.  Unfortunately,  he'll be coming to Rochester, a few hours from Albany.  And the event isn't free, tickets look like they start around $49 for the screening in Rochester.  The event is September 13th at the Kodak Center in Rochester, and he'll also be in Buffalo the next day for a screening at the University of Buffalo Center for the Arts Mainstage Theatre.  You can get more specifics at Newyorkupstate.com. Even though the events not free, I can still say I'm a huge John Cusack fan and super excited about this!