According to an article in The Daily Gazette the former Saratoga County Tuberculous Sanitarium is up for auction by Auctions International. This sounds like a great opportunity!

What would you do with a 47,000 square foot former sanitarium? Not to mention 28 acres and a few other buildings on the grounds. Oh, and right now the highest bid is like $32,000.

Here are a few inside pictures of the former sanitarium.

Well, here are my ideas if I owned it.


I don’t know about you but where I grew up there was always this legend about a super-secret haunted house that was a former hospital that was so scary that if you could make it all the way through you’d get your money back. Of course it was all just a great story, no such place ever existed. However, this a former tuberculosis sanitarium. If that doesn’t scream haunted house nothing does. Plus, with 47,000 square feet you could have different themes on different levels. It could be that haunted hospital legend come to reality!


So you knock down a few walls, add a few ramps, a bridge or two and a track that winds through the levels, out the back and out to a huge outdoor track. It would be the most epic go cart racing ever! During the winter you could close off the outdoor track and just race inside the sanitarium.


Paintball is huge and themed paintball is even huger…..wait that’s not a word… know what I mean. Several levels of crumbling rooms and stairways to hunt your paintball enemy and an entire outside field to hold huge paintball matches. It’s the kinda think you’d see on ESPN 8 The Ocho at 2am!


Ok, I’ll admit that this is a little limited in its scope and use, but hear me out. We buy the place, build a stage behind the sanitarium and host a benefit concert. We get Metallica to play a huge concert that ends with them playing “Sanitarium” on the stage, at the sanitarium. Like I said, it’s a little limited in scope, but think how cool that would be?

So there are my brilliant ideas for this historic, creepy old sanitarium. What would you do with it if you bought it?