Tis the season I guess.

It's not quite Thanksgiving yet, but winter-time holiday themes are popping up all around the Capital Region.  As for television, it's no different.  Since the season is kicking off (complete with cold weather and some snow), it's fitting that CBS just announced their holiday movie lineup.

So you can actually stream holiday specials on "CBS All Access", but for regular television users, the schedule is critical if you don't want to miss a classic.  I for one don't consider it a holiday season without at least two viewings of Rudolph.

Of course there is the Thanksgiving Day Parade on the 29th.  That same day, CBS is going to be airing "Frosty the Snowman" followed by "Frosty Returns".  Then holiday movie season kicks off, with the first airing of Rudolph on December 2nd.  There's a few holiday movies speckled in there I'm not quite sure about ("Robbie the Reindeer"- never heard of it), but I'm most excited about the "I Love Lucy" Christmas special on December 20th.  You can get the full official schedule here.