Who is Suzy Snowflake?

I think that she is some kind of Witch, that can control the weather, but children love her because she can make it snow, so that there will be school closings, I am not sure, but Suzy Snowflake scares me, and so does this video.

In 1953, this video terrified, confused children.

Confused, because their parents told them that it was a 'Christmas' song or a 'Christmas' cartoon or program, but not a video, I don't think that people knew what a video was in 1953. However, parents forced their children to endure this creepy cartoon-short, and the children were probably confused, because this is terrifying.

This is what serial killers listen to in the shower.

In 1997, Mike Doughty & Soul Coughing, covered this creepy song and made it weirder.

But who is Suzy Snowflake?

I am sure that she is a Witch, who is trying to lure people out into the dead of winter, with promises of slay rides and building snowmen. Suzy Snowflake casts a spell, making people think, that they are having the time of their lives, in a winter wonderland, but they are really freezing to death, and then Suzy Snowflake eats their souls.

Don't believe me?

Then remember, if you want to take a slay ride, the ride's on me....


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